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BoulBoulle Stacking BanglesI recently completed a copywriting project for a new business: Judith Peterhoff Jewellery. Judith asked me to produce SEO website copywriting and product descriptions. Her website is aimed at the luxury handmade jewellery market and showcases her new collections and bespoke services.

The SEO website copywriting brief

Ready to wear jewelleryI met with Judith in London to discuss her copywriting needs. She asked for copywriting for each page of the website, including Home, About Me and Bespoke Services. She also wanted me to edit the product description of each jewellery item. Each page needed to be optimised with jewellery-related key words to improve her search engine ratings (SEO copywriting).

Judith wanted the writing to have a personal, conversational and direct style. She wanted the colour and personality of her pieces to shine through in the tone of her website. I asked Judith questions about her customers, aims, USP and desired writing style. We established that her customers tend to be women in their late 20’s – 40’s with a love of unique statement jewellery. Men of the same age purchase her items as special gifts.

The website copywriting process

I wrote the pages in a first-person, conversational tone, using ‘me’ and ‘I’ instead of the company name. I referred to the customers as ‘you’ rather than ‘the customer’ to create a direct and informal style. The copy not only showcases the details of her jewellery, such as the materials and gems but also what inspires her pieces. We were keen to include personal details to show how unique her items are.

Bespoke family pendantHer BoulBoulle collection, for example, which features delicate beads of precious metals, is inspired by her mothers maiden name which means ‘big ball small balls’. These sorts of detail give the website a conversational tone-of-voice and highlight what is different about Judith’s pieces. One of my favourite pieces is her bespoke handmade family pendant which she made for the arrival of a baby. It’s made with twists of delicate wire in three different tones to represent each family member – a sweet and subtle way to personalise an item.

The copywriting for her bespoke services landing page detailed her USP: step-by-step updates to the customer, including photos and videos of the jewellery making process. She wanted to showcase her ability to meet any commission. So, we also produce a blog post detailing how she personalised bespoke pieces and the customer’s story behind them.

Owl Alternative Engagement RingI worked jewellery related keywords into each page and product description to ensure prime search engine optimisation. The keywords were chosen based on trendy jewellery items, such as ‘stacking bangles’ and ‘charm bracelets’ and popular materials such as ‘rose gold’ and ‘black zirconia’.

I sent the website copywriting to Judith in Word.doc files. We made a few tweaks based on Judith’s preferences. Once Judith was happy with the details, tone-of-voice and key words, she uploaded the text to her WordPress site. I checked the website pages to ensure keywords and hyperlinks were in the prime positions.

Browse Judith’s colourful jewellery collections and read the copy. You might even enjoy this blog about an owl-inspired bespoke alternative engagement ring.

Judith Peterhoff Jewellery

Judith Peterhoff JewelleryJudith Peterhoff is a one-woman jewellery designer-maker based in North London. She hand-makes ready-to-wear and bespoke jewellery items, including rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Her designs are colourful and elegant made with precious metals and gems.

Let’s work together

If you’re a start-up business or looking to refresh your website I can help. Contact me for a website copywriting quote or drop me an email. 

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