Short story featured on a podcast

Hillside Avenue Podcast

I have a short story featured on a brand new podcast!

As some of you may already know that I’m not just a copywriter. I also write short stories. Sometimes those stories get published. And sometimes those stories get featured on brand new awesome podcasts showcasing music and literature in a kind of industrial, epic mash of curious noise and stories. Such as now, with the Hillside Avenue podcast.

Listen to the awesome podcast right now:

What is Hillside Avenue Podcast?

Hillside Avenue PodcastMixcast is the first episode of the podcast, The Hillside Curation, that stews music and stories together to make 45 minutes of eerie noise and odd stories loosely themed around home and families.

The first episode features:

– ‘Pacing’ by Nicola West (ME!), first featured in Bad Language Anthology 2 ‘Scattered Reds’
– ‘My Evil Twin’ by Alison Wassel, first published in Firewords Quarterly, Issue 2
– ‘Steve’ by Michael Conley, from his excellent poetry collection More Weight (Eyewear Publishing)
– Music from the likes of Radiohead, Plaid, Oneohtrix Point Never, and the fabulous Buck 65.

The Hillside Curation is devised and performed by the Hartley brothers, Rickerly and David Hartley.Would you like to see more of this? Let the Hartley brothers know!

Have a listen and tell me what you think in the comments section or email me. 

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