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Start-up Stories is a blog series following the lives of inspiration self-starters who are running their own business or project.

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Who are you?

Hi, I’m Tomek Dzido, Managing Director

What’s your business?


Tell us about STORGY

Our mission is to inspire artistic collaboration and provide opportunities for creative minds to meet.

STORGY is an online Arts & Entertainment Magazine specializing in short fiction, interviews, movie reviews, book reviews, and more. STORGY Magazine was established in 2013 by Tomek Dzido and Anthony Self as a means to explore the short story form and engage with readers and artists alike. 

We’ve published over 500 short stories by over 300 authors from across the world.  In 2017 a successful Kickstarter campaign raised the required funds to launch the eagerly anticipated STORGY BOOKS. We take great pride in discovering emerging talent while celebrating the word of established authors and artists.

What’s your story?

STORGY Start-up StoriesSTORGY was born from a shared love of literature and an immense passion for the written word and creative arts. It began as a writing exercise between a core group of writers who were each tasked with writing a story inspired by a title and/or photograph.

Shortly after these stories were published on our website, we started receiving general submissions from unpublished authors. In 2016 we launched a review section, which focuses on book reviews and film reviews, and we’re now preparing to release our very first print publication; EXIT EARTH, thanks to all our wonderful backers over at Kickstarter.

So, Tomek, what happens behind the scenes?

Start-Up Stories 3. STORGY Lost for Words Copywriting freelance copywriter London.pngThe day-to-day running of STORGY consists of receiving and reading submissions, communicating with authors, artists, and industry experts, writing and editing reviews, preparing and scheduling publications for the website, and more recently, planning for the release of our very first print book. Due to the fact that we have thus far existed as a non-profit organization, our readership has grown organically via word of mouth and the hard work of all involved. Our strategy remains one of collaboration and we strive to build relationships with authors, artists, and readers. 

Any advice for keen start-ups out there?

Be more than a manager; be human. Balance the care of your business with a care for yourself. Always, respect your budget.

Any business will experience ups and downs, both financial and psychological. My advice would be to treat others with respect and make sure you surround yourself with like-minded people you can rely on and trust, and who in turn, can trust you too. Nothing is more important than relationships and teamwork, and only when you have such a team, can you overcome any obstacle which is thrown your way. Be kind and courteous and remember that everyone, just like you, is susceptible to emotional and physical despair.

Where can we find you?

Support our Kickstarter project for Exit Earth Anthology 

Facebook: @morest0rgy

Instagram: @morestorgy

Twitter: @morestorgy


Need help with your writing?Start-up Stories is a blog series following the lives of inspiration self-starters who are running their own business or project. Its aim is to offer advice, motivation and inspirational stories to start-ups, small businesses or those thinking about starting their journey. What’s your story? Contact me if you’d like to be involved. 

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