Do you trust your intuition? Feature article in Psychologies Magazine

You might see a familiar face in November’s issue of Psychologies magazine. Turn to page 70 and you’ll see me talking about gut instincts, shark attacks and forest fires! Real life experiences that I’ve had where I’ve listened to my heart instead of my head – and thank god I did!

Psychologies Magazine press freelance copywriter London

You know that danger you feel in the pit of your stomach? I could sense something terrible was about to happen.

Psychologies MagazineI’m feeling super luck that Psychologies Magazine included my business website at the bottom of the article. I follow a PR expert called Janet Murray who offers advice to new businesses like mine on how to get free PR and publicity without sending out a press release. Thanks to Janet’s advice, I responded to a call-out on Twitter for stories about times you’ve felt a gut instinct and whether you listened to it. Little did I know the article was for a piece for Psychologies Magazine!

It was a really fun project to be involved with. The magazine sent a professional photographer and hair and make-up team to my flat in South East London. All three of us squeezed into my tiny one-bed-flat to get ready, which involved picking bold Psychologies magazine freelance copywriter Londoncolourful clothes like the ones pictured. We took a few photos in the communal garden of me standing in a bush with bright orange berries, while the squirrels fought behind us. I can only guess I looked very hungry, as the photographer kept asking me to touch the berries and look up at the bush!

We then moved to Crystal Palace Park to explore where the dinosaurs live (have you ever been to the Dinosaur Park? It’s one of my favourite areas in London!). Amongst battling with curious pigeons, parents and toddlers and very excitable doggies, we managed to capture this photo, near one of the large dinosaur areas. They wanted the photo to look bright and aspirational – I think they captured the sunlight really well!

What’s your experience of gut instincts? Have you ever had to listen to your heart above your head? What do you think would have happened if you didn’t? You can check out the latest issue of the magazine from any local newsagents, and follow Psychologies Magazine on Twitter here. 

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