How to write a good blog post

How to write a good blog post - Freelance Copywriter London

Blogs are a great tool to promote your business or project. They can help you communicate your ethos, aims, personality and expertise and give you more control over your content than advertisements or direct marketing. And if you buy into the school of thought that it takes a customer seven views before they purchase, blogs are a fantastic tool to gain repeated exposure.

But how do you write a blog and how do you write it well? The following points will help you create a blog post that people will want to read and share. So, here’s my guide to:

Writing Good Blog Posts

Who are you writing for?
Consider your audience, or your desired audience, and think about what they’d like to read about. Don’t just rush ahead writing about topics you’re interested in, listen to what you’re readers are talking about and join in the conversation. That said, I recommend experimenting with leading the conversation but play close attention to how people are responding. Are you saying things that people actually want to hear?

How to write a good blog post.pngMake it fun and easy to read
In my opinion, a great blog post is fun, accessible, interesting and memorable as well as a good balance between formal and informal. Think about your tone-of-voice and the personality you want to portray. A little bit of humour always livens-up a blog post!

Don’t be selfish, include others
No one wants to hear about you for twenty minutes. A blog isn’t a monologue (sort-of). Mention other people’s work that you admire or that you think your readers might find interesting. Like this blog on How to Put Together a Highly Clickable Email from The Freelance Lifestyle Blog.

Have a clear, easy-to-follow structure that doesn’t distract from the content. Break up your text with headings, subheadings and bullet points. It’s easier to read shorter blocks of text on a screen. Make sure you introduce your idea, stay on topic and conclude with a clear call to action (what you want your readers to do in response to the blog). Why are you writing about your chosen topic? What do you want your readers to take-away from your blog? Any final thoughts (NOT Jerry Springer style)?

I’ve put together a blog template below to help you structure and plan your posts. Feel free to right-click the image to save it or share it!

Blog Writing Template: How to Write a Good Blog Post

Blog Writing Template - How to write a good blog post

And finally, proofread, proofread, proofread.

Check for spelling mistakes, typos, tone-of-voice consistency and accuracy. The neater your blog, the happier your readers 🙂

That’s all my tips for now. I hope you find these useful! If you need any help planning your blog content for the year or perfecting your writing skills, get in touch.

What are your top tips for good blog writing? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I heard it put really well during a recent workshop:

    —Establish Expertise

    This has been my mantra as of late, plastered atop the template I’m currently using with clients.


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