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Start-up Stories is a blog series following the lives of inspiration self-starters who are running their own business or project.

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Who are you?

Angelique of London Army ApparelAngelique Ibrahim – Founder & CEO of London Army Apparel

Tell us about London Army Apparel 

London Army Apparel is a brand collection of high fashion vintage pieces of Army clothing, including Anoraks, Bomber jackets & Parkas from different Armies around the world. They’re curated into fashion collections and are sold online at

London Army Apparel started earlier this year and by total serendipity. 

The vision of the brand is to empower millennial creatives in cities, like London, who desire clothing that is stylish & sustainable, with authentic stunning clothing collected from the army.

What’s your story?

Bulgarian_quilted_jacket_ LondonarmyapprelI am a certified Prince2 practitioner and use to work in a large corporation. My social life is the polar opposite; I usually hang out in the East & South London arts & music scene where most of my friends are artists, creatives & musicians. I am an artist by nature and run several creative projects. So, in tandem with my passion for learning about business models and strategy, I’m equally a left and right brained thinker.

London Army Apparel was born when I wanted to source an authentic military Bomber jacket to wear when socialising in the London scene & had difficulty obtaining one. On a chance encounter on my travels through Europe, I met with a supplier and was able to acquire many stunning military pieces.

When music bands and creatives alike were constantly asking me where I’d bought my clothing, I quickly realised that a lot of people could not access this kind of clothing and that there was a gap in the market.

So, Angelique, what happens behind the scenes?

italian_denim_jacket_LondonarmyapparelLondon Army Apparel is still in its foetal days, so, like all start-ups, there is no set routine to my day. The operation is still relatively small and solutions come from creative ideas and resourcefulness rather than throwing huge budgets at anything. I usually read and answer my emails every day. I phone contacts to touch base and get operations moving along.

french_rain_mac_LondonarmyapparelI also read constantly. I read books on different business methodologies & strategies. I’m building my audience by connecting with people who I have an affinity with and get the brand and its ethos. I’m not interested in quick wins where I just get a sleazy sale out of anyone. That goes against the values I and the brand have.

Any advice for keen start-ups out there?

The best time to start a business is when you start thinking about starting a business. Don’t be deterred by limitations in resources & time, those limitations will always be there.  

The two main things you need to create your business is dreams & drive: dreams to imagine and the drive to make your dreams happen.

Where can we find you? 

Website & E-shop:

Instagram: @londonarmyapparel

Pinterest: @londonarmyapparel

Facebook: @londonarmyapparel


Need help with your writing?Start-up Stories is a blog series following the lives of inspiration self-starters who are running their own business or project. Its aim is to offer advice, motivation and inspirational stories to start-ups, small businesses or those thinking about starting their journey. What’s your story? Contact me if you’d like to be involved. 

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