Kickstarter campaign for Disturbing the Body: Speculative autobiography from women

Boudicca Press

We’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to fund Disturbing the Body: an anthology of speculative autobiography about misbehaving bodies from women in the UK.

Disturbing the Body is a collection of speculative autobiography centred around experiences of misbehaving bodies from women writers in the UK. It explores themes ranging from chronic illnesses, disability and major life changing operations, and puts before the reader moments where women can feel powerless and out of the ordinary from their own bodies.Submissions were gained through an open call out process and Verity Holloway and Louise Kenward were commissioned to feature in the anthology. Submissions closed on 7th May 2020 so watch this space for an announcement of all the authors involved!It will be published by Boudicca Press in October 2020 (COVID19 dependent!) and we’d love your support to raise £2300 to fairly pay all involved in…

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I’m a freelance content writer, copywriter and editor living in London, UK. I'm climate curious, run baby-friendly writing workshops and publishing writing from women at Boudicca Press.

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