Sentient Life: Online Journalism

Sentient Life Freelance Copywriter LondonBrief: I produce weekly researched articles about well-being, mental health and mindfulness.

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Arts Award on Voice Magazine: Editorial and Articles

Arts Award on Voice Magazine Freelance Copywriter LondonBrief: I edit and produce regular guides, blogs and resources to help young people complete their Arts Award qualification.

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Judith Peterhoff Jewellery: Website pages and product description

Judith Peterhoff Jewellery Logo

Brief: I produced the website copywriting and product descriptions for Judith Peterhoff Jewellery, including the Home, About me and Bespoke Services pages. The copy was primed with popular jewellery keywords for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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Press Release – I produced for the Best of Britannia trade show 2017.

Press Release for Best of Britannia Judith Peterhoff Jewellery


Cosmos Tours and Cruises: Brochure, website and newsletter

CosmosBrief: I was employed as a freelance Copywriter for Cosmos Tours and Cruises and Archers Holidays during which time I produced the copywriting for their seasonal brochures, product copy for their tours and holidays, marketing emails and edited other marketing and product copy.

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CPM Engineering: Printed brochure and website pages

CPMBrief: I produced the full-length printed brochure for CPM Engineering, promoting their mechanical engineering services. I refreshed the copy on their websites to optimise keywords for search engines, improve reputation and readability.

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Quartet Books: Book blurbs

QuartetBrief: In my role as Publicity Manager for Quartet Books I produced a number of blurbs for books, including memoirs and fiction.

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Editor for Darling Baby Mine by John de St JorreFormat: Full-length memoir, Darling Baby Mine by John de St. Jorre

Publisher: Quartet Books

Brief: I worked with the author to provide a thorough story edit of the memoir.

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Lady Hayatt's Husbands by Ahmed FagihFormat: Short story collection, Lady Hayatt’s Husbands by Ahmed Fagih

Publisher: Quartet Books

Brief: I worked with the author to story edit each story in the collection.

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The Cadaverine Magazine EditorFormat: Website content

Publisher:  The Cadaverine

Brief: I work with the authors to edit their short story pieces, in particular looking at making them suitable for the web.

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