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The benefits of working with a creative copywriter

by Nici West

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Are you thinking of working with a freelance copywriter?

A prospective client asked me: "Why should I hire a freelance creative copywriter?"

Good question! If you're thinking the same, read on.

It can take time to onboard someone to a project you may have been working on or thinking about for months. Everyone hates wasting money, especially if budgets are tight.

Here's a little infographic I made earlier. It shows why it can be result-enhancing to hire a freelance creative copywriter ( see left )

Yeah, but, why bother? I still need convincing.
I’ve been a freelance creative copywriter and content writer for five years. I have a wide array of creative and corporate projects under my belt. My working month is definitely varied!

I've recently worked on:
- a brochure for a new palace (yes, a palace!),
- a food waste campaign for a high-end supermarket chain,
- a thought-leadership piece for a tech-death company,
- a website for a heritage recording studio in Soho and so much more!

I’ve dabbled a lot in creative projects in various forms, including websites, blogs, and newsletters. The one thing that all these projects have in common is creativity. It’s something I pride myself on. Bringing creative storytelling to a bit of business writing is what I’m passionate about. It’s also why I’m a fiction writer outside of my day job.

Curious about my fiction writing? I was on the shortlist for the Bridport Prize 2019!

What are the benefits of working with a creative copywriter?

These are my top tips for getting the most out of a freelance creative copywriter.


We all think we have it, but it can take years to learn how to utilise it, especially for business. I’ve been employing my creativity for years and have used it to help many businesses tell their story.

💡 Fresh ideas

That blank page can be intimidating, especially if you’re not used to working with an empty page. I have tools and techniques to help get those ideas flowing and help recognise a good idea from a dud one.

🌲 Systems thinking

I can help you see the trees through the forest. Managers, CEOs, and Leaders can often be too close to the project to sustain that wider perspective. As an outsider to your organisation, I can keep a view of the big picture and help maintain clarity. #

💻️ Research, research, research

An often underrated aspect of a project! Successful copywriting uses research about topic, theme, industry, competitors and keywords.

💖 Emotions

No story is complete without a bit of emotion. Copywriters feed emotion into their work through word and rhythm.


What are others in your field doing well and who gives you the ick? This is step one in finding out what action you need to take.

🦾 Impact A well-written piece of content will have a lasting impact.

How to work with a freelance creative copywriter

We freelance copywriters love working with humans. Don’t be afraid to discuss what you want and work through feedback and drafts to help us get it exactly right for you.

Tips on making your process of working with a freelance copywriter as smooth as possible:


Don’t be afraid to get stuck in with ideas! Even if you feel like they’re not fully formed yet or you don’t know what you’re talking about. We love your input, and you’re what makes your business unique.

Draft and re-draft

Any creative process, whether it’s design, arts and crafts, or writing, takes a few rounds of creativity to get it right. Don’t expect your perfect piece of writing on the first draft!

Be honest

I wish I want: A handy tool to use when thinking about feedback. What do you like about the content so far and what else would you like to see?

Leave space for ideas

As nice as it is to see your own ideas brought to fruition, you’ve hired a freelancer for a reason! Let them make their mark too, you never know what they might come up with.

Want to have a chat about your latest copywriting or content-writing project? Drop me a line.

Why mission matters

Words can change the world. Really.

Storytelling is such an effective tool to bring your customers on board with your mission.

As a freelancer, I love to pick what kind of project I work on based on my social and world values. I work with clients who have a world-changing mission at heart. It could be a product description for the climate-conscious consumer, a content strategy for a behaviour change campaign, or thought-leadership content for human rights advocacy.

I'm your human: Whether you’re one of the little guys or a corporate giant looking to make a genuine change.

When do you choose to outsource copywriting?

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By Nici West

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